Passive income for at least 8 years from now and pre-market phase of a brand new coin backed up by money

We’ve got this company rule: JOIN OUR COMMUNITY AND YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING UNLESS YOU WANT TO. BUT EARN MONEY EITHER WAY. Registration includes mining tower that will mine coins for you as long as 8 years from now. And that’s it. Registration fee is only $29.90. It’s simple, quick and cheap.
The project also provides 14 days of money back guarantee and invoices for every purchase. 
You just need to register into App.Umbrella community for $29.90 and then you start mining coins for as long as 8 years from now!!! The mining tower mines after payment - immediately. It will mine AppUcoins to your own special online wallet NON-STOP (that you can check 24/7). When AppUcoin enters a public market, it's market price will be at least 2$/coin. That will be this year already (2019)! 
You can use a credit card or bank transfer for the registration payment. You’ll get a proper invoice as well. 
After your registration is done —> You can join my group on Facebook. 
This is money that you invest into yourself. Without any hard work. That’s just it. :-) It’s 100% proven, simple and it works.
And again we’ve got this one rule —> you don’t have to do anything else unless you want to.
Mining continues until 1st August 2027. What benefit comes with it?
* You don’t have to mine physically with your PC. That means you won’t get higher utility bill. 
* Nothing is compulsory. You don’t have to register people to the network if you don’t want to. 
* It’s simple, clear and your mined coins show every hour to your wallet (and you can check it in your wallet account).
* Everything is multilingual. 
* And that’s it for 8 years from now. It’s a passive income that is without doing anything.
Price of AppUcoin will have an increasing tendency!! How do I know that? 
As compared with other usual cryptocurrency, AppUcoin has one massive advantage and that is strategy for STABILITY and COVERAGE OF MINIMUM VALUE. That means that it’s minimum value is backed up and it can’t drop to zero. Value of AppUcoin will increase and it’s because:
1. An income for coverage are obtained from modern technology - internet, smartphones, but mostly apps. That is area that is rapidly developing and includes a huge amount of money.
2. As App.Umbrella community grows, the potential to value increase is higher (because of minimum value coverage will grow).
You can buy more shares (mining towers) anytime - each for $54.90 - again it’s for 8 years from now. What a great passive income!
You can become one of the first leaders in your entire country!!!
Building community. For every invited and registered member you get 2.25$ promptly + you get 15% of your clients purchase. And every day for as long as 8 years you’ll profit of his mining.
I have earned 700$ in a few days. I can show you a withdrawal statement later on. 
If you will invite and register other people, you’ll earn money out of their registration, income out of their purchases and income out of their mining. Another income are so called intermediate payments. A number of registrations is unlimited, that means incomes are unlimited as well. 
There are many people who buys 2 or more mining towers from the beginning. Somebody keen on being the mining field instead (11 mining towers)!!! 
Just count with me: When your client buys registration you get - $2.25. But after a registration, if your client will purchase 10 mining rigs then you get - $750 immediately!
This is a real opportunity for earning big money and it’s multilingual. 
1. There are people who wants to mine for 8 years and care about nothing. (clients)
2. There are people who can build great network of people and have a nice income. (agents)
If you have any questions —> I’m happy to answer them or give you any business advice.
As your sponsor/agent I’ll take care of you in every way of this business. If you decide to create and build your network of people, I’ll be here to help. 
There are many seniors in my team and they’re building their own network too.
Don’t let this opportunity get away. It’s just 29.90$ for next 8 years of opened door for this income. For this registration fee, everyone can afford it. 
The one who is enterprising, who has the ability to build a network - the one can earn even bigger amount of money. I’ll help you with it. The only thing you need is internet. We should be grateful that Facebook and other platforms gives us free advertising. :-) 
Those of you who can purchase for a bigger amount of money - it is the best to register for 29.90$ and buy a mining field. The mining field has 10 + 1 mining towers as you get the +1 mining tower for free. 
The mining field costs 549$. That means your payment is 579$ and you get as much as 12 mining towers for 8 years. Return of your money is about 5 months (nowadays) then you just make more and more money. 
It’s good to mine the most coins in the beginning. Mining stops in 8 years. As more and more people are joining our community, so minimum value of the coin increase. That means that when the coin enters public market —> the value can be more than 2$ for a coin —> there is a strong possibility that in long-term it will hit 100, 200, even more USD for one coin. 
And for those who wants to register more members —> 2.25$ for every member registered. If you register 10 members —> you become „Superagent” and you’ll earn double provisions for registrations (4,50$)!! 
It’s not even that difficult. I have made the Superagent position in 3 days. You just have to register 10 clients who become agents (for free —> just hit the „become an agent” button in your client’s zone. And that’s it! 
As Superagent you get 1 more mining tower for free and earn double provisions for registrations! If anyone of your client's/member's purchase a mining tower —> you get 7.5$ and if your client/member purchase a mining field you earn as much as 75$ promptly! 
And there is also provision called „network mining” —> as in your network mining will rise as well —> that leads to more coins mined to your wallet! 
I was working in some internet business already —> but this is the best project I have seen in my entire life. 
It’s a great opportunity to earn a lot of money and also if you just decide to be a member/client —> you’ll earn your benefits too…